The holiday Village Rosapineta Sud always has attention for the environment and respect for nature

In recent years, lighting has been replaced, opting in favour of LED systems with an energy saving of 75%.

The installation on the roof of the Reception of photovoltaic panels for the production of 20 KW of electricity

Since the beginning of 2000 our environmental commitment has always been high, so much that we have been promoters of waste recycling.

Rosapineta Sud seeks to reduce noise and atmospheric pollution caused by vehicles circulating in the village by providing the staff with electric means of transport.

All employees of Rosapineta Sud, about 60 people, are not allowed to smoke in the entire area, and smoking is prohibited on the beach and in the swimming pool.

Rosapineta Sud has decided to make its own contribution by making its beach and swimming pool smoke-free, in order to improve your holiday experience.



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